Organisational abuse – including neglect and poor care practice within an institution or specific care setting such as a hospital or care home, for example, or in relation to care provided in one’s own home. This may range from one off incidents to on-going ill-treatment.

It can be through neglect or poor professional practice as a result of the structure, policies, processes and practices within an organisation.

The following list may be possible indicators of institutional abuse - it is important not to jump to the wrong conclusions too quickly.

  • No flexibility in bed time routine and/or deliberate waking
  • People left on the commode or toilet for long periods of time
  • Inappropriate care of possessions, clothing and living area
  • Lack of personal clothes and belongings
  • Un-homely or stark living environments
  • Deprived environmental conditions and lack of stimulation
  • Inappropriate use of medical procedures e.g. enemas, catheterisation
  • 'Batch care' - lack of individual care programmes
  • Illegal confinement or restrictions
  • Inappropriate use of power or control
  • People referred to, or spoken to with disrespect
  • Inflexible services based, on convenience of the provider rather than the person receiving services
  • Inappropriate physical intervention
  • Service user removed from the home or establishment, without discussion with other appropriate people or agencies, because staff are unable to manage the behaviours
There were 9 referrals for institutional abuse in Hull last year

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